Our lightweight jib prompters quickly mount to all standard camera support systems placing the display image directly in front of the lens for a through-the-lens eyeline. 

In many cases, mounting a teleprompter directly to the camera is unnecessary. Our roll-up systems allow some camera operation without vignetting. This means iPrompt is ready, on set, to rollup at any time with no rigging delay. No waiting for talent or crew!

Our premium through the lens systems mount directly to any standard camera support placing the display image directly in front of the lens. Camera and teleprompter balance out to allow operation of camera to follow the action.

Above Lens Systems

Steadicam Systems

Downstage Monitors

Roll-Up Systems

Services and Equipment 

For situations where talent needs to have a through-the-lens eyeline with the interviewer, iPrompt's Interrotron system does the trick. In addition to the interrotron unit, iPrompt can also supply a video camera and down converter for the interviewer and runs the signal to the teleprompter for the talent.

iPrompt knows that Steadicam and like support systems come in many forms. Whether you're "flying" a DSLR or a full sized production camera, we can rig it.

Wireless signal capabilities available!

iPrompt has supported countless live events where signal is sent to a single or multiple downstage monitors. All of our live events are supported by backup systems so that edits to the script can be made while talent is on stage. The secondary signal is activated in a instant. 

Public speaking couldn't be easier with iPrompt podium systems. Each system contains two monitors, one for each side of the lectern. The image is reflected on glass panels at the height of the speaker so that eye contact with the audience is maintained. 

Interrotron Systems

"Presidential" Podium Systems

Jib Systems

Camera Mounted Systems

Hi-Brite Monitors

There are many situations where a quick teleprompting solution is needed on-set. Small above-the-lens prompters can be placed near the camera lens or on the set as a primary or secondary prompter. This is also a great option for the hand-held camera where weight and set-up speed are essential.

While even our large teleprompting systems can be used for handheld shots, iPrompt has smaller, lighter systems that are perfect for both talent and camera operator.

Handheld Systems

When the shooting in a bright location iPrompt uses Hi-Brite monitors to make it easy for the talent see the script.

Teleprompting Service in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

DC Power

When shooting in a remote location, iPrompt can bring quiet DC power for the teleprompter and support equipment